5 Reasons You Should Not Ship Barrels To Jamaica Again



FIVE (5) reasons why you should never ship a food barrel to Jamaica again!


Other delivery outlets give online shoppers the opportunity to shop from anywhere and deliver their items to their doorstep in Jamaica 75% cheaper than FedEx, UPS and DHL. Island Shipper is one of these delivery outlets and they do well to ship bigger, bulkier grocery items without worrying about the weight.

There are direct costs with shipping a barrel, like buying the jumbo barrel for 35 USD, shipping it for 80 USD; that is if you’re shipping it from NY. It is 110 USD to ship from California. When you go to get the barrel in Jamaica, your shipper wants 30 USD more for handling on top of the 110 USD shipping charge, wharf wants 20 USD for storage and the government wants 100 USD.

Let’s go over that:
35 USD Barrel
110 USD Shipping
30 USD Handling
20 USD Storage
100 USD Duty
Without leaving out the 50 USD transportation cost to bring the barrel home.
This brings the total to US$335.00 direct cost

Let’s look at the indirect costs
• Did you buy an airline to go shop?
• Did you take vacation to go foreign to shop?
• Do you diver gas and eat lunch going from store to store shopping?
• Do you get annoyed and fatigued while doing the everlasting packing?
• Are you paying for accommodations in foreign or take Uber or taxi to the airport? If you did not pay your host did so it is a cost.
• What amounts the dreaded day at the wharf in Jamaica? I wonder who will pay you back for the day’s wages?

1. Did you just go over budget buying things you don’t 100% need because you have to fill this 14 cubic feed barrel for it to have been worth your effort and time?
2. Woeful waste makes woeful wants. Do you see the amount of good things that fits inside a jumbo barrel? Oh my word, it is Christmas when the barrel is finally opened. The problem is that it can be too much items with short shelf life which has to be used quickly. Kids also become very giving to friends when a barrel opens or us at lease.
3. There is a better way you can enjoy the benefits of a food barrel incrementally and buy what you need and get the same bargain and benefits.

Our largest Flat Rate Food Box is almost half the size of a barrel and at cost $119.95 shipped to the door, it is a juggernaut!
Remember we know the direct cost of a full barrel is $335.00 and you are about to avoid a boat load of indirect cost and inconvenience.
Island Shipper have partnered with Walmart.com so you can sit in your sofa and for almost no additional cost, shop on Walmart.com and have a half barrel dropped on your doorstep.

Direct benefits of using a Flat Rate Food Box.
• No charge for pick up at Walmart.
• No charge for a barrel
• No charge to pack the box for you.
• No shipping charge.
• No handling charge.
• No delivery charge. It is one flat price.