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Watch For A Few Seconds & Learn How To Ship To Jamaica For FREE!

Robert Taylor

CoFounder & COO

Extend Amazon Prime Fee Shipping to your doorstep in Jamaica. Click the "Join Platinum" button after creating your shipping account and start getting FREE Shipping Coupons Today!

Tired of the long lines? It is over, no more lines. Get your packages delivered where you want it, when you want it. No separate delivery charges, NO LONG LINES!!

Experience expedited shipping, clearing, and delivery, coupled with free and email alerts.


Name: Krystal McDonald

Title: Online Shopper


Name: Dwayne Hartwell

Title: Online Shopper


Name: Tiffany Clarke

Title: Online Shopper

Why Island Shipper?

  • Real-time Tracking (Homepage)
  • Fast Shipping & Delivery
  • No Separate Delivery Charge
  • Free Mail (Documents) T&C Apply
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Free Shipping (Platinum Members)
  • Combine Packages (Save on Shipping Cost)
  • E-Mail Alerts
  • Text Alerts
  • Discount Coupons (On Social Media)
  • Islandwide Delivery
  • Excellent Customer Services




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